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I adopted Casper, a “lethal white” Great Dane, when he was 6 months old. Casper, who was deaf and had very limited vision, was turned into a rescue group, supposedly because the other 2 dogs in his home were picking on him. I suspect, however, that Casper was turned into rescue because of his very severe separation anxiety and epilepsy. Even when with my 2 other dogs, Casper was unable to cope with being home without a human, and would bark, whine, drool, pace, vomit blood, have bloody diarrhea, and injure himself, sometimes requiring stitches.  

Casper, who did very well after I started to use Chinese medicine for him, is an example of how well Chinese medicine can work.

In May 2007, shortly before Casper’s first birthday, Casper and I went to Marion, Indiana for gold bead implants. Dr. Durkes, who implanted the gold beads for Casper, is the leading expert in this procedure in the US.  

Gold beads are implanted on the acupuncture points, making this a permanent form of acupuncture. (This is not available for humans, but is available as a veterinary treatment.)
The gold bead implants dramatically reduced Casper’s anxiety, and helped reduce the severity of Casper’s seizures, making this a very helpful treatment for Casper. However, Casper continued to have seizures, and was not totally free of his anxiety. Prepared herbal formulas weren’t helpful for Casper, so I began cooking raw Chinese herbs, and having Casper drink the “tea” twice per day. Some of the advantages of using the raw herbs are that there are no preservatives or fillers, which can be a cause of allergies or other complaints, and that herbs can be included or excluded from the formula as appropriate. Dosages of each herb can be easily adjusted as well.

With the combination of gold bead implants and cooked Chinese herbs, Casper became completely free of his anxiety. His last seizure was in June, 2009. Casper did not need any medication for his epilepsy, and lived a full, happy, healthy life until he passed away at an elderly age in 2015.

I first became interested in Chinese medicine thanks to Kurvenal, a Great Dane with epilepsy whose seizures were not well controlled by medication. Kurvenal responded very well to gold bead implants, and lived out his life seizure-free, without any medications. Although not everyone responds this well to Chinese medicine, the experience sparked a passion to learn about Chinese medicine, and to be able to treat others with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

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